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  Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Sialkot is known the world over for rich industrial heritage. The items produced in Sialkot are of international standard and are appreciated all over the world. To safeguard the interests of the Business Community, the Sialkot Association of Trade and Industry was formed in 1976 and it was affiliated with Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It was decided by the pioneers of the local industry to get the existing Association to the level of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Association adopted the necessary resolution in the meeting held on December 12, 1979 for taking up the matter with the Ministry of Commerce. The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry passed a similar resolution on July 28, 1981.


Pakistan Gloves

The history of Gloves Industry is connected with the introduction of Cricket game and the manufacturing of cricket bat in Sialkot. The requirements of Cricket game also covered the "batting gloves" "wicket keeper gloves" and "inner gloves" which commenced in the end of 20th Century. Similarly during the 2nd World War more variety of Gloves was introduced like "baseball gloves" etc. and in 1956 Special Varieties of gloves for "Winter Sports" like, Ice-hockey gloves, Ski Gloves were introduced. In 1958 the range of working Gloves was introduced by Sialkot Gloves industry. Gradually, with the growth and achievements, Sialkot became the centre of Gloves Manufacturing for all sports. With the enhancement of manufacturing units and demand from international market, the business Community put immense efforts for export.

  Pakistan Sports Goods
  pakistan hosiery association

Moody International

A leading global supplier of management system certification, technical and inspection services, and technical training.

Established in 1911, Moody Engineering initially focused on construction and electrical engineering projects and in the 1920's, with the development of the oil and gas industry, the company quickly grew and Moody became involved in inspection and other technical services.

Today Moody International has offices in over 60 countries providing value added technical and certification services to our clients.


UKAS Quality Management

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